To get in the draw make your picks for EVERY category at the 2018 Academy Awards.

The top 5 highest scorers will win 5 x double passes to HOYTS Cinemas (

Plus the overall winner - the NZ Grand Champion of Oscar Tipping - will win this singular honour...

A t-shirt. A t-shirt that will make you the pride of a nation. It's a hell of a prize, from a hell of a website. Probably throw in a mug too.

Some ground rules.

You must make picks for all 24 categories. Even the short film categories and the two sound categories that nobody cares about.

Highest score from all entrants wins and is crowned 'The 2018 Oscar Tipping Champion of New Zealand'. Entrants and non-entrants alike shall recognise this champion and address her/him as such. Also, the top 5 highest scorers each win 5 double passes to HOYTS Cinemas.

If there is a perfect-score draw at the top, the Championship will be shared. If there is a non-perfect-score draw Flicks will write the winners names on pieces of paper and whichever our office cat John seems most fond of will win. That is all.

Now, make your tips, and become a legend.

Who will win Best Picture? *

...Best Actor in a Leading Role? *

...Best Actor in a Supporting Role? *

...Best Actress in a Leading Role? *

...Best Actress in a Supporting Role? *

...Best Directing? *

...Best Animated Feature Film? *

...Best Foreign Language Film? *

...Best Adapted Screenplay? *

...Best Original Screenplay? *

...Best Film Editing? *

...Best Cinematography? *

...Best Visual Effects? *

...Best Production Design? *

...Best Costume Design? *

...Best Makeup and Hairstyling? *

...Best Original Score? *

...Best Original Song? *

...Best Sound Editing? *

...Best Sound Mixing? *

...Best Documentary (Feature)? *

...Best Documentary (Short Subject)? *

...Best Animated Short Film? *

...Best Live Action Short Film? *

Your name:

Your region:

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OK, so these are you tips:
Best Pic: {{answer_DUIfdG2C6k2Z}} / Actor: {{answer_mjUynG1Yx1n0}} / Supp. Actor: {{answer_I0Agjhow3GRs}} / Actress: {{answer_EcxYe2CGIAH4}} / Supp. Actress: {{answer_bODZ6yBCERJi}} / Director: {{answer_I17KPZJ6jiRB}} / Animated: {{answer_Octe2yBWzOj2}} / Foreign Language: {{answer_mso56dvzqhKZ}}  / Adapted Screenplay: {{answer_kEiHgMmAByZy}} / Original Screenplay: {{answer_uaIu44mS9eQm}} / Editing: {{answer_wxl2zU14HvJq}} / Cinematography: {{answer_CA67cild4lf0}} / Visual Effects: {{answer_c48vBjwHwQNn}} / Prod. Design: {{answer_S97zLan6nnVu}} / Costume: {{answer_a5sRhQUtcbt7}} / Make Up: {{answer_EWmPMZgbCza5}} / Score: {{answer_ckSDmskIK6lM}} / Song: {{answer_eiBmwXhSlqRD}}  / Sound Editing: {{answer_yuBloV3E2CWk}} / Sound Mix: {{answer_EivEnU0jYcum}} / Documentary: {{answer_phX39LLECzaz}} / Short Doc: {{answer_QaxqfrBAoKKq}} / Animated Short: {{answer_oLBhs4bBxPKl}} / Short: {{answer_SR8KKOrCZIta}}

Well done sir/madam.
Your skills have put you in the running to win the nation's respect and the t-shirt to prove it. You're also in to win 5 x 5 double passes to HOYTS Cinemas.

If you want to change your picks, enter again (we will take your last entry only).

The Academy Awards take place on Monday March 5 (NZ time) Prize winners will be emailed within 48 hours of the awards concluding.
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