Liam Neeson leads this crime conspiracy thriller from the director of 'Unknown' and 'Non-Stop'.

To celebrate the film's release on Jan 18, we're giving away a Neeson mega movie bundle - and double pass to the film.

However, you have to guess which movies they are from a single image. The person who gets the most correct wins the lot (unless there's a tie, then we'll choose a random winner).

The comp is now CLOSED and we can reveal the answers. Over 400 people took part but only 25 got all of them correct.
Reveal the answers
Which series, starring Liam Neeson, are these merged stills from?

A: The Taken Series

This is a segment of a poster from which Liam Neeson-starring film?

A: Schindler's List

This image is for which one of the following Liam Neeson-starring films?

A: Unknown

This pixalated still features a monster from which Liam Neeson-starring film?

A: Clash of the Titans

Here's another still from a film starring Liam Neeson. Which one is it?

A: The A-Team

This image of a photo is from which Liam Neeson-led feature?

A: A Walk Among the Tombstones

Liam Neeson featured in this film, but which film is it?

A: Batman Begins

Which film, starring Liam Neeson, is this still from?

A: Darkman

This image had been wibble-wobbled and had the colour sucked out of it. Which film, featuring Liam Neeson, is it from?

A: The LEGO Movie

Liam Neeson is holding this gun in which one of these films?

A: Non-Stop

Neither of these men are Liam Neeson, but he does star in this film. Which film is it?

A: Silence

Final one! Which Liam Neeson-starring film is this image from?

A: Five Minutes of Heaven

Whether you nailed it or embarrassed yourself, we just hope you had fun. And, if you're the lucky one out of 25 who scored 100% and won the Neeson mega-movie pack, we'll be in touch soon.

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